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Market Insight Websites

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ZeroHedge Aggregator

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Forex Infographics


MACRO - Near Real Time Information

Analyst Ratings

Hedgefunds Letters Market Calendars

Mainstream financial press

Stock Setups (technical analysis)

Search Company Finance Applications

Currency Market Info

Investment Bank Analyses

links to sources with investment bank analyses Finance Mavericks

Warren Buffet George Soros Hugh Henry Jim Rogers


Free Economist -

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Market Discussion Forums

Market Overview Analysis

The Big Picture

Market Overview Analysis


Software packages

Obvious one i really like the new look, only five years worth of data for free, but premium membership is not that pricey and they really pack alot of the financial ratios in easy to find places. This is were I hangout most for quant data.

Schiller share his historical data

I am sure your aware of Jae Jun spreadsheet but didn't see it mentioned.

Amazing value investor spreadsheet tool.


Portfolio Management

Best value priced software, for portfolio management, reports, tax reports, rate of returns and data is pulled from your brokers.

way to many features to even learn with out dedicating some serious time very powerful.


I used to be a Worden Bro telechart user back in the late 90's and was stoked to find they offer a free version that runs in a browser real-time. Hands down the best charting software speedy and clean.


Google Finance

Taking Stock w/ Pim Fox Podcast

Google Reader for RSS Feeds

Here is my dream tool yet to find

Portfolio and Watchlist tracking tool with historical notation capability. So far morningstar has something but too many clicks.

I love google finance for speed and cleanliness but they need a few more features. I am using google finance for my watchlist/hunt list tracking and my quick overview of market status.

Also, I am looking for a real time news feed, that is updated live across multiple sources financial focused and ability to add filters like for stocks or industries. any recs?

Best of luck on the venture.

Luis source:


Poor Mans Bloomberg Terminal

Go here

Great Links from Reddit /r/finance /