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I am currently doing a Master's of International Studies ( at the Copenhagen Business School. A brief presentation of the Business and Development specialisation which I have compiled can be downloaded here



Semester 1: Business And Development Studies (2009)

Business Strategy In Developing Countries And Emerging Markets

Development Strategy In A Global Economy - Options For Governments

International Business And Economic Development

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Gobernanza e instituciónes en el contexto regional (Course in Spanish)

Semester 2: Business And Development Studies (2010)

Managing Development Interventions

Managing Foreign Direct Investment Projects in Developing Countries

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Research and Communication Strategies for Management and Development Studies

Leading and Managing Projects

Semester 3: La Trobe University Australia (Melbourne) (2010)

Corporate Strategy

Business Improvement Methodologies

Funding Technology Startups

Advanced Information Systems

Semester 3.5: Bonus Round - Electives & Internship (2010)

Building Trust In International Business

Corporate Social Responsibility - Myth Or Magic?

Managing Outsourcing in a Global Economy

Building Trust In International Business

Internship UN India (INTERNSHIP CANCELLED :( )

Semster 4: Business And Development Studies (2011)

Spring 2011 - Master Thesis

Master thesis resources - Ideas and inspirations

Extra curricular activities

CBS Brazil's New Role as an Economic Power: Opportunities and Challenges

CBS Conference Organizational Design Perspectives On Offshoring

Stanford University - Artificial Intelligence Course

Joseph Stiglitz - Alternatives To Austerity

Study Abroad Ambassador - La Trobe University

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Financelab Advanced Trading Diploma

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Francis Fukyama - Understanding political institutions in a historical perspective

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Forskningens Døgn (4 hour seminar)

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Financelab Trading Diploma

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Rethinking the World Bank - What the World Bank Should do Now (DIIS)

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UN and the global cooperation - What is the status and what does the future look like? (DIIS)

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Agricultural Development and Support: Experience from the past, prospects for the future? Danish Foreign Ministry Conference(Danida)

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Case Competition CBS - Beat The Elite

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Business sector development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Issues and research priorities Conference at CBS

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Business And Politics In The Asia Pacific Region

Master Thesis Workshops

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Globaliseringens Idehistorie

La Trobe University General Course Info

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